The reclusive Chris Klondike Masuak carries one of Australian Rock n' Roll's proudest pedigrees, citing membership in Radio Birdman, The Hitmen, The New Christs, The Screaming Tribesmen, The Juke Savages, The Raouls (as a drummer, no less), Vindicator Electro/Smooth (in various capacities), and most recently, Klondike's North 40.

Did we mention hes an Australian Rock and Roll Hall of Famer?

" 'Klondike' almost single-handedly kept the flame burning throughout the last decades of the Twentieth Century, at a time when his guitar heroes had retired, were languishing in jail, had been blown into clouds of pink matter, or had been otherwise heinously indisposed." - Lenny Flotski, Vic ious Kitten, 2000

Well so they say...

KLONDIKE : "What really happened is that I became a more than passable Naturopath and lecturer, a really, really good Dad and totally shitty partner (in the romantic sense) and businessman.

"I remain committed to the Burhaniyya and Naqshbandi Seekers of Truth.

"These days music occasionally bundles me off to all kinds of wacky-assed places. Like when somebody hands Radio Birdman something on a friggin' platter. Otherwise I have WAY FUN writing and rocking with my own band Klondike 's North 40, with The Hitmen, and with Los Macias Amigos. And whoever else wants to have a play."

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