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Gig Guides

The Gig Guides are broken up into 4 sections and are as reliable as we can make them at the time of publication... It is always in your best interest to check by phone a day or two prior to the show for any changes in line-up, times or ticket availability... These sections will develop as time goes on and we will endeavour to publish as much as the bands can supply us (copyright allowing)...

Weekly Program


This explains the general format of entertainment at the Sando... a generic rundown of "What's On"... If you want to know just what is happening any specific night of the week and you don't really care who it is just so long as its cool then this is the guide for you...

This page also explains the facilities of the venue, times, general prices and a sample list of talent (as a reference)... 

Sando Handbills

This page shows a list of Flyers that are produced by the Sando for in-house promotion and listing of the bands that perform each week... Many new and exciting bills are put together each week and this is a record of the poster produced... Is Your Band There? 

This Month Gig Guide


This is a brief outline of the shows to happen at the Sando in the current month, It will be posted just prior to the month and updated as the info comes to hand each week. So this gives you the opportunity to set your social calendar for you fix of "Live" entertainment or just social intercourse.. 

Next Month Gig Guide


As it may suggest this is a brief outline of shows to happen at the Sando the next calendar month... 

Gig Flyers


Often profile artists plan their tours months in advance... this page is for those acts and for any other special performances, events or festivals... These events are also listed in the other guides but will be detailed in this section... It will also feature any special artwork or event details... 

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