(Peter Head & Vince Lovegrove)  

This pair of music buffs has been in the music industry since the mid sixties, and by anyone’s standards are both stalwart survivors of the music industry. Peter Head and Vince Lovegrove,, at some stage during the past four decades, have worked alongside many of Australian music’s major acts.

Following a tour of Australia supporting the Rolling Stones with his group Headband, Peter Head began a solo career, tinkling on stained keyboards in the low-lit bars across the length and breadth of this country, the singing piano man. In the four-decade evolving process  Head forged his own stamp, style, and following; he became known for his own seedy songs about smoke-filled clubs, misfits, and other characters of the night, and he nestled the songs alongside music standards from the world’s best song writers.

Following his sixties pop star route alongside Bon Scott, Vince Lovegrove banged head-long into a varied career of music management, agent, writer and other assorted mainstream – off-stage - career paths. It took him to New York, London and places in between, but always he harboured a passionate desire to continue where he left off in 1970 – onstage, singing and performing.

The old addage say it’s never too late.

So it is, two Australian music pioneers, coming together from opposite ends, for the first time, playing a collection of real rock’n’roll songs, from the 40s and 50s birth place of rock’n’roll.

So…a-wop-bop- a-lu-bop-a-lop-bam-boo!!!




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