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Sando Roots (Pre 2000):-

Alistar & Jimmy, Andy 500, Atticus, A.T. Wells Band, Aunty Jennifers Tigers, Bernie Hayes, Brother Brick, Cactus Child, Challenger 7, The Chooks, The Clouds, Crow, Custard, Dame Joans Love Children, Deadly Nightshades, The Deltoids, Deluxe, Disneyfist, Downtime, The Drop Bears, Dumb Earth, Forever Fifteen, Freudian Trip, Front End Loader, Gadflys, Game Show Tragedy, Genevieve Maynard & Cindy Ryan, Gerling, Gruesome Twosome, Harpoon, Hasselhoff, Holly Golightly, The Honeyhunters, The Honeymoon, The Hunchbacks, The Impossibles, Jackie Orszaczky & The Grand Masters, Joe Egg, The Killjoys, Kim Salmon & the Surrealists, Kombis R Us, The Lawnmowers, Lawnsmell, Loggerhead, Louis Tillett & The Aspersion Caste, Love Me, Lunacide, Luton Girls Choir, Karma County, Magic Lunchbox, The Magnetics, McBodybag, Melaine Oxley & Chris Abrahams, Melniks, Mother Hubbard, Mr Pharmacist, Mrs Naughty, Paris Green, Pash,   The Paxton Peg, Pieces of Christine, Penguins on Safari, P. Harness, Porcelain Bus, Puncture THD, Raindogs, Roaring Jack, Sally & Lara, Shaggin Wagon, The Shouties, The Simpletons, Small Handgun, Smudge, Sneeze, Snorkel, Soul Thieves Speedway, Spurs for Jesus, Staffies, Stella One Eleven, The Stereos, Tall Shirts, The Templebears, The Band That Couldn't Plough Straight Thierry GR, Tommy Emmaneul, Tony Buck, Toxic Shock, Troublemakers, Trout Fishing in Quebec, Tweezer, Unseen, Violet, Wet Taxis, The Whitlams, Whopping Big Naughty.... and many more.


Under construction so please send us any other bands you know that played the Sando pre 2000, their details and roughly when they performed.... keep it live!!!


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