The Slowdowns have been together since 2005 and performed at the Sando many times before earning a residency in the street level bar which they have maintained since April 2007.

While they hail from inner city Sydney but you wouldn’t know it by listening to these boys play their own special brand of country music.

“We call it The Slowdowns Hillbilly Disco Revue” says Dave (Harry) Harrington, the lead singer. “We take classic rock and pop hits; add a bit of banjo and guitar, five part harmonies, them bash them out with a good old fashioned country beat.”

Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen and Cold Chisel never sounded like this before! “It’s great watching people’s reaction when they realize we’re playing a song like “I Was Made For Loving You Baby” by KISS.

The Slowdowns have gained a cult following at the Sando and are renowned for their love of a good time. “People in the Sando know how to have a good time and that’s what the Slowdowns are all about” says Harry. “We’re a party band; we just want everyone-ourselves included-to have a good time!”

Between them the band members have decades of playing experience and have performed and recorded with some of Australia ’s best loved musicians. Career highlights include The Peats Ridge Festival, the Karuah River of Music Festival, Newtown Festival and the Nymagee Day In the Dirt.

“We’re stoked to be playing at the Sando and really look forward to every gig,” says lead guitarist Dylan Hartas. “We’ve got special guests that drop in all the time for a song or two which means we’re always adding something new to the mix, or I can go and get a beer while someone else does all the work!”

Make sure you drop in to see The Slowdowns rip it up and remember, as they always say:









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