The Hoo Haas

Michael Ward (Wardy) takes time out of his busy Marrickville Delta schedule to talk exclusively to Inner West Live

IWL: Why did it take so long to release the album?

Wardy: Its been four or five years since our last release due to a couple of factors.

Firstly, we always record as a live band which makes for a much more cohesive sound and track, however, everyone needs to be satisfied that their performance has been the best for that given song. We’re talking everything, instruments and vocals which are still being written as we record traditionally, so it can be a drawn out process. Some of these tracks on Snakejuice have been recorded up to seven times at various locations over the years with the best one’s from the stockpile being selected for this release.
So we’ve whacked this together from different sessions rather than trying to record them all again which is what we have been doing with some of these songs since 2003. We’re always trying to get an organic sounding album so that’s just the way we do it. There is the odd overdub here and there but it’s done mainly during the mix down process with say the vocal take of an earlier take spliced into a track for a double up. So it’s not really as if we’re going for total isolation as we record we all want to see and hear each other and spill doesn’t matter much.
Doing it that way does take time though and we can only play as long as Penny’s lip holds out on the trumpet. All day sessions are out.Secondly, we’ve pretty much all had our own projects on the side the whole time this band’s existed so that’s got in the way along with the usual stuff. Two band members went bush for a while last year and our trumpet girl has been up on Thursday Island since last September which is why we’ve been a bit quiet. She is making a special trip back down to Sydney just to play with us.
IWL: What was the best Inner West gig you’ve played?

Wardy: We’ve played them all and I mean them all. Our favourite was probably the Cooks River Motor Boat Club when it was run sensibly about five years ago, These days it would have to be the Sando for me.

(Editors note – yeap, they have. They’ve played them all and they mean them ALL)

IWL: What should the legions of screaming fans expect on Sunday the 11th?

Wardy: Fucken Hoo Haa chaos!

IWL: Why Snakejuice?

Wardy: Singer Philip Ricketson came up with that. He read it in Kerouac’s novel On The Road where he talks about all the capitals of the world should be around the equator countries where there’s “voodoo, oo-boo and Snakejuice”, whatever. We thought it sounded Hoo Haa enough and Philip wrote a song around it and it stuck. 

IWL: Can you buy albums on the day?

Wardy: Yeah! $20 a pop

IWL: What’s your view on the current state of NSW politics?

Which way is New Zealand? Although that view is likely to change tomorrow…

Eat ya Greens

The Hoo Haa’s – Album Launch
Sandringham Hotel – King Street
11th July Afternoonish

Editors Note – the Hoo Haa’s ARE Inner West music, you need to see em, you have to buy the album and get the T-Shirt.


The official write up?

Driven by Philip Ricketson with his two-chord telecaster and unique stage presence, The Hoo Haas have been a staple of Newtown‘s bustling King Street Culture for the past seven years.

Ricketson was born an entertainer and has won over audiences his whole life as a lyrical jester and musical throwback. He is ably abeitted by Michael Ward with a worn out pair of wire brushes on his lame-arsed assortment of drums, rattles, crashes and buzz saw blades to propel the group with the rhythm of an old tractor that wont say no…

The swampy groove of Alister Lowke on bass will get all your 11 toes tapping, while Penny McBride and her fancy pants trumpet lends a unique jazz tone to many arrangements within the groups huge and ever expanding repertoire

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